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 Some of our services include:


Records Requests

Witness interviews

Investigations and Video Reports

Case Development

Cases Solved and Damages Awarded to Our Clients

Settlements and Dismissals of Criminal Charges for our Clients 1989 to Present

Vagos motorcycle gang lawsuit-$1,000,000 settlement Hawthorne Police Department

LAPD raid 39th St. in Dalton Avenue $3,000,000 settlement Los Angeles Police Department

Damien Williams-Reduced Sentence-jury misconduct uncovered by

Freddie McCloud Police Misconduct and Assault $1,000,000 settlement Jefferson County Sheriff's office Florida

Folino versus city of Niagara Undisclosed Settlement-Expert Report

Daniel Linsonbigler homicide $1,000,000 settlement Clay County Sheriff's expert report and investigation

Danville Indiana Police Department investigation-Chief of Police forced to resign-son Expert Report and Investigation

Holmes County jail investigation-Deputy Arrested at Expert Report and Investigation

Darrell Lea False Arrest Investigation-Charges Expert Report and Investigation

Deborah Carney-False Arrest and Slander Investigation-Acquittal- Expert Report and Investigation

Salisa Luster Assault Investigation-Attorney Located for Client Civil Suit in Expert Report and Investigation

Suffolk County Sexual harassment investigation-Television News Expert Report and Investigation

Warren Michigan Police Department investigation-Charges Dropped client successfully obtained or legal Expert Report and Investigation

Media Investigations

Long Beach Police Investigation-Policy Changes/Police Chief Replaced/Law Passed-Penal Code 118.1 California

Dallas Police Investigation-Policy Changes and Review-Several Officers Disciplined

Houston Police Investigation-Policy Changes and Review/officer fired

San Antonio Police Investigation-Policy Changes and Review/officers punished

Cleveland Ohio Police Investigation-Policy Changes and Review/officer punished

Suffolk County New York Police Investigation-Policy Changes and Review

Nassau County New York Police Investigation-Policy Changes and Review

Chicago Police Investigation-Policy Changes And Review/officers punished

New York New York Police Investigation-Policy Changes

Miami Police Investigation-Policy Changes

Independence Missouri Police Investigation-Policy Changes

LA County Sheriffs Undercover Investigation-Officer Reassigned

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